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SUNA and the American Urological Association (AUA) developed a joint Statement of Practice on Intravesical Administration of Therapeutic Medication for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer. The purpose of the statement is to define the performance guidelines surrounding the instillation of intravesical cytotoxic, immunotherapeutic, and/or therapeutic drugs via sterile technique catheterization for patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC, urothelial carcinoma).

Updated - 2020

Originally developed in July 2015, the paper was reviewed and revised in June 2020. 2020 Workgroup Members included Roxy Baumgartner, RN, APN-BC; Sam Chang, MD; Susan Flick, CNP; Howard Goldman, MD, FACS; Jim Kovarik, MS, PA-C; Yair Lotan, MD; Elspeth McDougall, MD, FRCSC, MHPE; Arthur Sagalowsky, MD; Edouard Trabulsi, MD; Debbie Hensley, RN; Christy Krieg, MSN, CUNP; and Leanne Schimke, MSN, CUNP

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SUNA supports nurse practitioners (NPs) performing office-based cystoscopy procedures (with training as outlined by Quallich et al. [2019]) as a vital way to address the need for access to quality urologic care. SUNA also acknowledges that in the past, NPs have been safely trained on-the-job to perform cystoscopy, but feels that moving forward, training can proceed with a more uniform, standardized approach.

Quallich et al. (2019) provide a template by which advanced providers can document education and training in order to expand their practice to include performing office cystoscopy. This template provides a guide for NPs in the United States to seek credentialing and privileging in order to move forward with offering cystoscopy as part of their clinical skills, and supports the Cystoscopy Workshop that SUNA offers at its national educational conferences.

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Quallich, S., Lajiness, S., Kovarik, J., Doran, T., Schultz, H., & Langston, J. (2019). Standardized office cystoscopy training for advanced practice providers in urology. Urology Practice, 10-1097.

Recognizing that nurse practitioners and physician assistants play a key role in team-based delivery of care, the American Urological Association has developed a Consensus Statement on Advanced Practice Providers. The Consensus Statement examines advanced practice provider integration from a regulatory and practice management approach. The Consensus Statement was developed by a workgroup featuring a diverse set of urologic providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Susanne Quallich, ANP-BC, NP-C CUNP, FAANP, represented SUNA on the workgroup.

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