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Road Suite 205
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At Wellspect we develop innovative continence care solutions that change people’s lives. We are committed to inspire our users to build self-confidence and independence as well as good health and well-being. We have been leading the industry for over 30 years with our product brands LoFric® and Navina™.

LoFric is the world’s only catheter with Urotonic™ Surface Technology – a unique technology unmatched by any other catheter that provides even lubrication. The surface layer stays intact during insertion and more importantly, during removal. This reduces the level of urethral friction by 90-95% compared with conventional catheters and has been clinically proven over the past 30 years to reduce the risk of urethral trauma, UTIs and long-term complications.

We create reliable and user-friendly products for bladder and bowel management with as little environmental impact as possible. We passionately strive to become climate neutral and work closely together with users and healthcare professionals who constantly inspire us to improve our products and services in a sustainable way, now and for the future.

Wellspect. A real difference.