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The New Dale® Hold-n-Place® Foley Catheter Adhesive Patch offers a convenient, easy-to-use solution for short-term catheter placement. The low profile dual locking system of adhesive and Velcro offers twice the securityUnlike hard plastic locking tabs, the dual locking system lies flat ensuring there will be no pain or trauma when pressed against the skin. The re-sealable adhesive center locking tab allows the catheter to be repositioned multiple times. The skin-friendly, adhesive base is breathable and can remain in place for up to three days. The latex free Adhesive Patch is universally sized to accommodate all Foley Catheters.

The Original Dale® Hold-n-Place® Foley Catheter Leg band is a comfortable, secure solution for long-term catheter needs. The dual locking system consists of interlocking Velcro® tabs that provide secure fixations without tape. It stabilizes the catheter and helps to prevent patient tampering and accidental dislodgement. The Low Profile closure mechanism lies nearly flat, reducing the likelihood of the tube accidently being pulled from the holder. The simplified closure mechanism also easily accommodates looping or traction. The hook and loop fastener engages the band at any point for custom fit. This can be secured on the Foley itself, at the y-Port, or on the drainage tube. Now in a Bariatric version for use as a larger leg strap or for a suprapubic catheter.